Who We Are

Intra Capital Holdings was formed in 2008 by, CEO Michael Figler, a veteran of the real estate market since 2004.  Since conception, Intra Capital’s primary focus has been in the distressed real estate markets in making strategic acquisitions of non-performing toxic assets and notes with the purpose of repositioning properties into performing assets either ready for market or to be placed into our portfolio of properties.  Intra Capital Holdings through various subsidiary companies has acquired, developed, and managed approx. 2,500 residential units within the Essex & Union County areas of New Jersey since 2008.  Our team has a unique particular set of expertise in the design and renovation of existing residential and commercial buildings giving us the ability to fully control the cost, appeal, and overall successful outcome of the project in a timely manner.  Intra Capital works with local leaders and local officials closely to ensure the project is beneficial to both us, and the communities as to which we serve.

Our Commitment

Driven by commitment to quality with deep understanding of the industry we seize opportunities and overcome obstacles with unmatched success. Intra capital is rare among top real estate developers in that it performs all of the construction on its own projects. With no competing interest in many cases, Intra Capital is free to work its own vision in entirety at times and so this gives us desire to constantly raise the bar through various new technologies and products in the market.

Intra Capital Holdings core values are built on integrity, safety, community outreach and of course excellence. We deliver on time and on budget while implementing the best realible practices in all that we do. Our dedication to restore under used, non performing buildings, and taking these under used structures into legacies that help our local communities flourish.

Core Principles of our success

Intra Capital Holdings is founded upon core principles that have guided the company from its inception and will continue to lead the company responsibly into the future.

We have grown tremendously into a high volume, full-service real estate solutions company providing development, architecture, residential and commercial construction, along with our property management partner EPMG.

If we create opportunities for our clients and community to succeed, then we succeed.  Contact us to find out what Intra Capital Holdings can do for your investment portfolio.