Intra Capital Holdings offers aggressive investment opportunities, that bring an excellent rate of return to our investors.  We offer sizable returns on various sizes of investment in the minimum amounts of 7% APR upwards of 14%.  Even in some cases we offer equity within Joint Venture Opportunities as well in larger scale projects.  



Why you should invest with Intra Capital Holdings.

Intra Capital is led by a highly experienced financial management team that know how to make your investment amount continue to grow.  Our unwavering principles, investment philosophy, and investor client relationships have helped us grow strong and perform hundreds of successful projects without a failure on on our flawless record of excellence.

We offer our investors very flexible investing opportunities, always collateralized with a considerable safety net of equity as to best protect the investor.  



To find out more about investment opportunities, please contact us to become an Investor with Intra Capital today.

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