Intra Capital has extensive experience in handling a wide variety of real estate construction and development projects. We’re known for our ability to assemble the right teams to handle each phase of development and ensure that diverse interests are aligned. Our depth of experience and knowledge of the market has created a template for success. We have earned the trust and confidence of local officials in the communities in which we work, public agencies, and joint venture partners. Our team has a demonstrated ability to engage institutional investors and negotiate complex financial structures. We also have a deep understanding of the thousands of pieces that make up a successful project—and we have the people to make it work. Our in-house team is comprised of experts in finance, design, construction & development, project management and continued management even once completed & income producing.


We earnestly look to help serve the communities we develop within by helping local communities grow and stay strong by providing jobs for local residents. Gentrification and Rehabilitation of Distressed Commercial and Residential Properties has given Intra Capital a foundation of prominent long lasting presence within the communities we commit to. Intra Capital has long-standing relationships with local officials, employees and residents which has gained us this well-developed market knowledge needed to remain a successful developer.