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Michael Figler
Board of Directors

Lindsay Roach
Operations Manager
Board of Directors

Hector Corchado
Director of Governmental Affairs

Larry Johnson
Chief Architect
Board of Directors

Walter Klink
Financial Analyst
Board of Directors

Tarun Mehta
Investor Relations


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About Us

Our Company

With more than 20 years of professional experience, the Intra Capital team is composed of professionals who specialize in developing all aspects of Real Estate from commercial and residential facilities to medical and laboratory based facilities with impressive backgrounds in design, construction and engineering. For many years our team has been involved in Residential Urban developments and re-developments to High-End custom homes. Now we have moved on to being a full service firm focusing on all aspects of major construction projects.  Intra Capital handles everything from conception to completion, handling purchase, development, investors, design, approvals, and implementation of construction and management with a team of creative individuals that truly are leaders in the industry. Driven by commitment to quality with deep understanding of the industry we seize opportunities and overcome obstacles with unmatched success. Intra capital is rare among top real estate developers in that it performs all of the construction on its own projects. With no competing interest in many cases, Intra Capital is free to work its own vision in entirety at times and so this gives us desire to constantly raise the bar through various new technologies and products in the market.

Urban Development

We believe that successful communities come not only from is residents, but from the environments by which surround them. When a family knows they are able to settle in to a comfortable environment they can afford, there is nothing better for the local community. We work closely with community leaders to make sure the best strategies are in place for these families to truly enjoy the environments in which they live.

We greatly look to help serve the communities we develop within by helping local communities grow and stay strong by providing jobs for local residents. Gentrification and Rehabilitation of Distressed Commercial and Residential Properties has given Intra Capital a foundation of prominent long lasting presence within the communities we commit to. Intra Capital has long-standing relationships with local officials, employees and residents which has gained us this well-developed market knowledge needed to remain a successful developer.

Our Commitment

Intra Capital Holdings core values are built on integrity, safety, community outreach and of course excellence. We deliver on time and on budget while implementing the best realible practices in all that we do. Our dedication to restore under used, non performing buildings, and taking these under used structures into legacies that help our local communities flourish.


Intra Capital Holdings is founded upon core principles that have guided the company from its inception and will continue to lead the company responsibly into the future.

We have grown tremendously into a high volume, full-service real estate solutions company providing development, brokerage, architecture, residential and commercial construction, property management.